TLDR; Changes From The Playtest: Replace ‘Pastoral’ with ‘Coastal’ add a bit of ‘World’s Deadliest Catch’. Seafaring halflings tend to be ‘lightfoot’ halflings, land dwellers tend to be Stout’ but this is a difference of upbringing at environment, not of genetics.

Their view: Many Halflings are sailors by vocation, and almost any Halfling will have been taught the basics of seamanship and swimming. However Halfling society has always been self-sufficient, alongside expertise in professions surrounding sailing (ship-building, forestry, wood-working, cooking) there are plenty of farmers, traders and craftsmen of all sorts. Halflings are not a violent people by nature but fiercely defend their small communities and ships. Their warriors concentrate on using the terrain to their advantage against larger foes (there are few more dangerous opponents than a Halfling on his own boat).

Others view: To humans and the other races the typical Halfling is a seafarer of some variety, a fisherman, a sailor, a pirate or a privateer. Halflings are inimically connected with the sea and many famous children’s stories have Halflings as the protagonists, particularly older stories (now out of fashion) of exploring the high seas. Halflings are also prone to exaggeration and storytelling, the image of the modern-day Halfling is a bard and storyteller, making his way from tavern to tavern telling outrageous stories of days and adventures long past.

Circumstances: The expansion of the Morose has hit Halfling society the hardest, the cornerstones of their society, exploration and seamanship have been hard hit. Normal wood is now very rare and expensive, meaning large scale ship building is rare. Most ships have been stripped down to replace or repair fishing boats and barges to keep fishing and canal trade active. New ships are rare as Weirwood is almost impossible to work with above a tool making scale. Exploration has obviously been heavily curtailed, it took many years for Halflings to stop all attempted exploration of the Morose, but the disappearance of every explorers and woodsmen (and the grisly discovery of the occasional dumped body) eventually stopped all but the most foolhardy explorers/adventurers.
Halfling society has evolved from its sea-faring roots, there is more farming and forestry around the small Halfling communities. Forestry has become a societal pastime, the nurturing of the few remaining ‘real’ forests involves entire communities who hope to one day reclaim the oceans and seas.


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